Dong Bei Dumplings: One of Binondo’s Authentic Dumplings

Update: Buy 5 take 1 promo is currently on hold due to excessive demand the past few weeks.

Right at the end of Yuchengco Street, just a few streets away from Ongpin is where you’ll find Dong Bei Dumplings. To tell you the truth, because of the store’s setup, I didn’t initially know that the store was quite famous. It was only after a few years when my friend told me that the dumplings here are really good that I’ve decided to give it a try.

Dong Bei 2

End of Yuchengco St.

Dong Bei 1
Here’s a picture of their menu, this one is new as of October 2014


Dong bei MenuDong Bei Banner

So far, I haven’t tasted any of their menu aside from their Kuchay Dumplings (their best seller), Pork Dumplings (also a must try) and their Vegetarian Dumpling (didn’t taste well for me as there was no meaty taste). As for their short orders, I haven’t tasted any of them but I’ll provide you below with links of reviews of those who did. 

Here’s a take away for you: there’s a reason why I have only tasted their dumplings and not their short order, I only buy their dumplings frozen. As you can see in their menu above, their cooked dumplings costs 120 pesos/14 pcs or around 8.6 pesos/ piece but a pack of their frozen dumplings costs only 200 pesos/31 pcs or around 6.5 pesos/piece. Here’s more: if you buy 5 packs you get 1 pack absolutely free! And if you do the math, it will only be around 5.4 pesos/ piece. You will be saving around 40% off as compared if you eat it there. Take note that you need to put them in the freezer 1 hour after buying the dumplings. So please put into consideration the travel time and traffic from the store to your place. One of their crews mentioned that some bring iceboxes with them.

Another good thing for buying frozen is whenever you’ll feel hungry you can just prepare it in around 5 mins. Just heat the water first until it boils and boil the dumplings in medium to high heat for 5 mins ONLY. Do not overcook as this will easily break the dumpling.

Steps in cooking:

– Put water in a pot enough to submerged dumplings.

– Heat (Medium to High Heat) water in a pot until it boils.

– Put desired amount of dumplings in the boiling water.

– Wait for 5 mins.

– Strain or take the dumplings out of the water and serve with sauce provided.


Frozen Kutchay Dumplings

In the right side: Frozen Dongbei Dumplings in case of emergency

On the right: Frozen Dongbei Dumplings in case of emergency. On the left: Fresh Meatballs

Usually when I go here, I also drop by the meatball shop nearby. That’s for another post I’ll update this post once I have completed it.

A must try especially for those who are tired of the usual dimsums! Budget per head is 120-150 pesos.


642 Yuchengco St. Binondo, Manila
Tel: 2418192
Store Hours: 9am – 8pm


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