New Toho Food Center: One of the oldest in Binondo

Started in the lucky year of 1888, Toho Food Center was originally called Toho Panciteria Antigua before it was burnt in 1984 and was rebuilt and named “New” Toho Food Center. Located along Tomas Pin Pin St., New Toho Food Center is considered as one of the oldest restaurants not only in Binondo but also in the Philippines. This restaurant already existed at the time of Jose Rizal and he sometimes ate here while studying at Intramuros.








Here is their menu (as of 2/28/2015):

Menu Front

Menu Front

Menu Back

Menu Back

We ordered the following dishes:

Corn Soup (medium) - 290 pesos

Corn Soup (medium) – 290 pesos

Toho Beef (medium) - 390 pesos

Toho Beef (medium) – 390 pesos

Chop Seuy (medium) - 290 pesos

Chop Seuy (medium) – 290 pesos

Lumpiang Shanghai (medium) - 320 pesos

Lumpiang Shanghai (medium) – 320 pesos

Nothing special about the taste of their food but their servings are quite large. Finishing these 4 dishes (plus plain rice) was quite a challenge for me and my friends (4 hungry people).


New Toho Food Center
422-424 T. Pinpin Street, Binondo, Manila Philippines
Tel: 241-4208, 242-0294
Operating hours: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.; closed on Sundays


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