Tasting Eng Bee Tin’s New Taiwan Mooncakes

We all know that Eng Bee Tin is one of the traditional stores in Binondo that innovates. Their first innovative product was the famous Ube Hopia that until now remains to be one of the best selling Hopias in the Philippines. They have since introduced a LOT of other flavors and variants which you can’t find anywhere else. Ever heard of their Mochipia and Custard Hopia? Right now as the Mooncake festival draws near (September 27, 2015), Eng Bee Tin just released new versions of their Classic Mooncakes – Taiwan style Mooncakes. It comes in three flavors: Matcha Green Tea, Azuki Red Bean and Original Purple Yam.Eng Bee Tin's Taiwan Mooncakes

As soon as Eng Bee Tin released their New Taiwan Mooncakes, we bought all three flavors to give them a try. Our conclusion: In terms of appearance, Eng Bee Tin did a good job of introducing a spiral design. In terms of taste: If our taste buds are correct, Eng Bee Tin’s Taiwan Mooncakes is basically a fusion of the classic Mooncake and their Hopia. As you’ll read and see below, Eng Bee Tin used the fillings of their Hopia instead of the usual mooncake filling.

Eng Bee Tin Taiwan Mooncakes

As you can see in the images above, their Taiwan mooncakes costs 120 pesos each. Their price is lower compared to the price of their classic mooncakes but also smaller in terms of size. Their original mooncake is about 1.5 times larger. You can also buy the box set which costs 350, saving you 10 pesos. The design of their box set is good although the packaging of the mooncakes itself needs some improving.

Mooncake Box Set

Now, which do you think tastes better?

Eng Bee Tin Taiwan MooncakesEng Bee Tin Ube Mooncake with Egg

Reviewing the taste

Here comes the part we’ve all been waiting for – the taste. We had quite a challenge reviewing the taste mainly because of this particular ingredient: the salted egg inside the mooncake. We’ve noticed that not everyone likes salted egg while some really likes it – more than the filling. Luckily, the 10 people who was involved in the taste test was diverse enough that some tasted the filling only while the others tasted it as a whole.

Matcha Green Tea Mooncake Matcha Green Tea Mooncake Filling

Matcha Green Tea

Since one of the trending flavors right now is Matcha Green Tea, this was the one most of us were excited to taste. Upon first bite, the taste of green tea wasn’t really that obvious Some of us who wasn’t aware of the flavor thought it tasted like Buko Pandan. Overall, the mixture of the flavor and the egg blends well and tastes good. This flavor was actually the first to get completely eaten.

Azuki Read Bean Mooncake Azuki Red Bean Mooncake Filling

Azuki Red Bean

At first look, the Azuki Red Bean Mooncake might tell you that it is sweet. However, it is not. Instead what you’ll taste is a somewhat nutty flavor. If you are familiar with Eng Bee Tin’s Plain Mongo and Red Mongo Hopia, we believe the taste is somewhere between those two. If eaten as a whole, the taste of the salted egg will mostly overpower the filling. This might be good for those who prefer the taste of the salted egg.

Purple Yam Taiwan Mooncake Purple Yam Taiwan Mooncake Filling

Original Purple Yam

Lastly, we tasted the original purple yam flavor which is locally known as “Ube”. We believe that for those who liked the Ube Hopia of Eng Bee Tin, you’ll like the taste of this one – since the taste is almost the same. Although Eng Bee Tin is also selling an ube flavored mooncake, the taste of ube is very far from the one in their Hopia Ube, which we think is sweeter and tastier.

Overall, Eng Bee Tin did quite a great job of creating an entirely new product using its already existing ingredients. It somehow made mooncakes more enticing to eat. Definitely a great addition to your gifts this coming Mooncake Festival.

*Until September 23, 2015, Eng Bee Tin has a 10 + 1 Mooncake Promo. Get a free box of Mooncakes for every 10 boxes you buy.


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Note: We wrote this blog post by ourselves, and it expresses our own opinions. We have no business relationship with Eng Bee Tin. We didn’t receive any food or compensation in relation to this post.

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