Wan Kee: Giant Siopao for the Hungry


If you think that the plate is just small…

Think again.


If you are into eating siopao, why not go siopao all the way with Wan Kee Bakery’s giant siopao? It will surely test your appetite! You may find it a challenge to finish it because of its size but you will definitely try to do so because of its rich and delicious taste.

Inside is a giant pork bola-bola with some turnips and tasty flavors.



If you are going to share it with a friend, the pray that you will get the half which has the salted egg and the sausage. Yes! Salted egg and sausage in a siopao! But, of course, these will only fit in a big bun.



For only P95.00, the Wan Kee giant siopao may be good for 2-4 persons. Unless you are like Po, who could probably eat the whole thing. By then, you would have eaten to your full potential.

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Wan Kee Bakery
Address: 828 Benavidez Street, Binondo, Metro Manila


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